Rachel Tieken, Owner and Artist

Soon after my third birthday, I asked my mom to teach me how to use scissors... I spent most evenings of my childhood exploring new crafts and new mediums. My fascination with making and doing, with scissors and pencils and paint started there and hasn’t stopped since. This fascination, along with my professional background in painting and drawing, has brought me to explore a wide range of craft--ceramics, sewing, quilting, natural dyeing, painting, and drawing (to mention a few)--all fulfilling the need to work with my hands. 

After stumbling into the world of chalkboards, I became acquainted with the wedding and event industry. I have expanded my services to include modern calligraphy and lettering of all sorts. I pride myself on working freehand, a product from my painting and drawing background. Because of my art and design background, I especially love taking those unique jobs that might not be offered by other calligraphers--or that require knowledge of multiple mediums.


I grew up in Shiner--a tiny, Central South Texas town, originally named Half Moon. I named my business after the place that supported and nurtured my childhood, my creative beginnings. I have enduring memories of the landscapes and people of Shiner, which influence my craft and working practices. 

I currently work reside in Houston, Texas with my husband and two little boys. When I am not chasing my kids, I enjoy baking and pies, wrapping pretty presents, and hand-quilting.