For Calligraphy

1. Get in Touch! 

  • Complete the Contact Form or send over an email ( with your event details. 

2. Draft a Plan

  • After confirming your date and our availability, we can discuss all the fun details! - Number of Pieces, working timeline, style, your general event aesthetics, etc.  The more details, the better!

  • Especially for large projects and custom stationery, we love meeting with clients in the planning phase to discuss all of these details. Getting to know a little bit about you and your big day helps us to create a truly unique and original product.

  • We will send over a pricing quote, working timeline, and contract. Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for custom stationery.

  • After we have a completed Contract, a proper address list, and 30% deposit, work will begin!

3. Design and Execution

  • If your timeline allows, we can happily send over calligraphy and ink examples and options for you to choose from. 

  • After your timely approval and receipt of all envelopes and materials, we write! And write, and write, and write.

  • We require at least %15-%20 extra envelopes to accommodate ink testing, unavoidable human error, and last minute changes or additions.

4. Delivery!

  • Complete payment must be made before mailing or dropping off your envelopes. Invoices are sent via PayPal. 

  • We mail or deliver your goodies!


For Chalkboards & Signage

1. Get in Touch!

  • Complete the Contact Form or send an email ( with your event details.

2. Draft a Plan!

  • After confirming your date and our availability we can discuss all the fun details! - number of pieces, style, your general event aesthetics, etc.  The more details the better!

  • We will send over a pricing quote, a working timeline, and the first drafts of your chalkboards or signage. Houston area meetings can be arranged if you prefer to discuss details in person. Especially for larger projects and weddings, we love meeting with clients in the planning phase. 

  • We allow two rounds of revisions during the planning/sketching phase for no extra cost.

3.  Execution

  • We will determine if Half Moon Lettering will help to source your sign materials or chalkboards or if you would like to provide them.

  • Upon request, we can send over photos of the completed boards before dropping off or mailing.

4. Delivery

  • Total payment must be made or arranged before delivery. Invoices are sent via PayPal.

Finalized sketch to finished product


Frequently Asked Questions

I've never ordered custom-lettered goods before. Can you elaborate about your process? Can I send over questions?

Absolutely! We don't expect that every (or even most) clients have experience with commissioning custom work. We are here to help throughout the entire process and to answer any and all questions you might have.


Can you replicate this chalkboard/stationery/style?

No, we will not copy any work. Not only is that not a cool thing to do in any creative field, it's not going to give you the best product possible from Half Moon Lettering. While we are willing (and love) to work in several styles, forced and unnatural lettering never looks good. Our style and what we are capable of doing is the product of many years of practice and observation. However, inspiration images are absolutely welcome! It certainly helps to see what you have in mind for your project--but expect that we will put our own twist on it. In most cases, we gladly provide sketches for you to approve before we begin work so that you know what you expect!


You keep saying "we" when you talk about Half Moon Lettering. Do multiple people work on your projects?

No, it's just a one-woman show around here! I, Rachel, answer all the emails, go to all the meetings, post on social media, and of course, do all the projects! But owning any small business is a family effort. It doesn't seem right to say "I" so much. I am able to do what I love because of my family. It requires lots of patience and understanding (especially from my husband--he is oh-so-patient!) when juggling work and family. They are my team, on good days and bad days. So it just seems appropriate to say "we".


I need my project done quickly. Do you take rush orders? 

Pending availability, we absolutely take rush jobs. Expect a 20-30% rush fee based on your project and timeline, as they often require overtime work on our part. Rushed timelines are considered two weeks or less. 


Can you write on wood/special paper/rocks/marble/fruit/cactus/leaves/fabric...? 

Yes! We've lettered on quite a few odd surfaces, from cacti to tiny cakes and many surfaces in between. We ask that you provide extra of whatever you need lettered, so that we can find the best possible supplies to create a quality, lasting product.  These "odd jobs" often require a small fee (in addition to standard paper product pricing) as they are more time consuming. 


For large scale projects, do you price by the hour?

No, we price by the project. Upon initial inquiries we'll provide a general estimate. After details are discussed, we send over a final price quote, including materials and potential travel costs. At this point, no additional fees should be expected on your part unless, of course, you request more work than initially determined.


Do you provide paper for place cards and small orders, boards for chalkboard and signs?

We certainly can! In your initial inquiry please include that you would like Half Moon Lettering to provide all materials. This ensures that we can provide an accurate price quote and that we can be sure we have time for necessary prep work. We keep many supplies on hand, but specialty paper and custom sized board requests can require more time. 


How do you want me to send over my address list?

Please format your addresses exactly as you want them written on your envelopes. Half Moon Lettering is not responsible for catching all formatting or spelling errors. Acceptable list formats include both Excel spreadsheets and Word/Pages files (we prefer this format).  


Don't see your question here? Reach out through our Contact Page or send over an email to